Chat with horny and bored housewives

Give me a housewife and I will be a happy man, at least that’s the dream. Having a housewife would be great but what happens when they wife becomes tired of looking after you? I’ll tell you what happens, she decides to become a phone sex operator. She went out on her own two feet and now she’s making a living and having awesome sex at the same time.

I call these wives on a regular basis. Take it from someone who knows it. These wives are lonely, desperate, and totally horny. You would be a fool not to take advantage of them. Calling them is easy and if you want a few tips on better phone sex I would be happy to share my secrets.

I think one of the most important things of all is to be comfortable in yourself. It’s okay and totally fine to be nervous. I was a mess when I first tried out phone sex. I think I made a bit of a fool of myself but my sexy phone girl made me feel good about it. That’s the difference between a good phone sex operator and a bad one. Make sure you remember this the next time you chat with housewife phone sex

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