Petite Girls are Petite

It’s not always that easy to see if a girl is petite from a pick where she’s not posing with something you can relate to. Like the ‘banana for scale’ thing I guess, or perhaps in the theme of porn ‘someone’s banana for scale’… yeah that’s just worse than corny so I’ll just cut that shit out.

If you eventually manage to notice the chair she’s kneeling on you’ll probably get a feel although honestly, the girls with the better bodies in porn are more often than not tiny in any case, in relation to a guy at least.

And as I say that I remember that I’m from a country where I have often heard the guys are above average in size and then of course I wasn’t even considering Asian guys at this point in time who are probably on average the size of the average girls you might be used to.

I’m just rambling really when what you’d want to know is that you can save up to 34% with an ATK Petites discount.

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