Being There For Little Bailey

Taking off her shirt and teasing


Being there for a girl that is finally ready to try out sex and get out from under her parents wings is pretty awesome. She has no idea of what to do or how to do it, but she is willing to give it a go and that is what is most important. Little Bailey is your average girl in that she isn’t doing anything other girls wouldn’t do. Bailey has a perky little body with small tits, a very cute fanny and a nice pink pussy. What is exceptional about Bailey is that she is willing to share her adventures in sex with us!

Showing off her fanny

Another great thing about being the first sex partner a girl is ever going to have is that you are getting first dibs on a girl that is in her own personal prime. She won’t look any hotter ever in her life than you are seeing right then and there. That is dazzling if you ask me.

Exposing her small tits

Little Bailey has small tits and she used to be self-conscious about them. Now she isn’t so uptight. She is finally beginning to realize that when it comes to tits size really doesn’t matter. Besides, big boobs usually look like shit after a girl has her first kid. Small tits grow to become even better.

Teen girl getting naked before sex

When girls are young and have a tight fanny like Bailey has they don’t mind showing it to you. They will model it all day long. Later on when it begins to sag they will hide it and I am not sure why. As men get older their tastes change. Give a man a child and he will enjoy your ass each and every time carrying his kid makes it get bigger.

teen solo model masturbating


One thing about fucking teen girls is you get first dibs on their super tight pussies. Bailey’s pussy is very tight. She has to finger herself adding another digit every couple of minutes before she can do a dildo scene otherwise it simply won’t fit. Nothing can compare to a never been opened teenage cunny!

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