Proving It On the Casting Couch

Porn stars are great, but it’s those amateur babes who are dreaming about breaking out in the porn world that really do it for me. There’s something about that hungry desperation that gets me every time. These girls know they’re filthy fucking sluts. They think they are pretty, and their bodies are sexy as hell, so all that’s left to prove is that they have the skill to suck, fuck, and pleasure a man as well as anyone out there could. And of course, they have to look good doing it.

That’s the allure of casting couch videos for me. They are often times a little shy and nervous, no matter how much they try to pretend like they aren’t intimidated by the camera. Deep down, we know these girls have butterflies in their tummies, but they want to prove that they have what it takes. And it’s not long before those inhibitions melt away and they are taking dick like the filthy sluts they truly are.

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